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The HMD platform is capable of managing a broad range of standard and customized randomization methods to support today’s most complex clinical trial designs, including list-based/permuted block, dynamic, and response adaptive and adaptive covariate schemas. In concert with these methodologies, the HMD platform supports cohort management.



Our platform is highly customizable to support complex visit and dosing schedules found in today’s trial designs. You can track subject activities in real time throughout all study visits and milestones. Through real-time web reports and our alerts platform (email, fax, SMS), you will have ready access to compliance feedback for continuous transparency of your study’s progress.



Our full-featured and configurable site management tools give you real-time access to managing important details for each site, including site contact information, site status (activate/deactivate), site supply settings, dates of first shipment, first subject visit and screening limits. Real-time web reports provide operational transparency across your sites through the entire course of a study.



Our study management tools improve communication, increase compliance and help studies remain on track. You and your sites can make data changes online, open and close study modules, and update inventory settings on the fly. All users have the ability to manage their study alerts and messages for the duration of the study via our message center.


HMD clinical’s adaptive mindset is about using technology-driven strategies as a way of delivering value quickly and reliably, despite the growing volatility of the trial environment. In this fluid environment, business vision and strategy development need to be fast, open, and flexible.


HMD supports an extensive library of validated visit modules, web reports, randomization schemas, supply algorithms, administrative functions and messages, which provides greater flexibility than legacy IRT systems but without sacrificing quality or features..


HMD can provide the design, modification and launch of a fully customized and validated IRT system, typically in 30 days, and at a lower cost than traditional IRT providers; protocol amendments and enhancements can be made more easily and without impacting your study’s progress

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